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Hans Cosmas Ngoteya

Conservationist, Nature Photographer, and Filmmaker

Mkomazi Rhino Guardians
Ruaha National Park
Wildlife Showreel
Mkomazi Rhino Guardians trailer @ngoteya wild
Wildlife in Swahili Episode 3 --- Mbwa Mwitu ( Wild Dogs)
Mama Cheetah
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Hans Cosmas Ngoteya is a wildlife and conservation Storyteller from Tanzania, a National Geographic Explorer, and co-founder of Ngoteya Wild, a Tanzanian
wildlife and conservation storytelli
ng organization where he has directed award-winning documentaries. Also, he is a co-founder of the Tanzania Wildlife Media Association (TaWiMA), an association of professional Tanzanian wildlife media creatives, where he mentors aspiring wildlife conservation storytellers.
Additionally, he has co-founded Landscape and Conservation Mentors Organization (LCMO), which focuses on promoting, supporting, and improving community livelihoods through sustainable environmental practices. In 2023, he was honored with the prestigious Jackson Wild Rising Star Award, recognizing his remarkable achievements in nature, conservation, and science media.
His ultimate goal is to tell stories that will help to develop and explore practical solutions to solving emerging conservation challenges and help communities co-exist with wildlife.