Conservation in motion: The importance of video clips

A creative depiction of a coral reef (still from Hans's video for the Conservation Optimism Summit) An old idiom goes “one picture is worth 1000 words”, and it took the ingenuity of a mad analyst, Dr. James McQuivey from Forrester Research, to calculate that a “one minute video is worth 1.8 million words”. As a conservation activist working in rural African communities, I gravitate towards videos over written posts. This is because after working in a youth conservation education project in my country Tanzania, I observed the response of youth after I used a book to present my idea and after using a video. The response after using a video was more engaging and I received a lot of questions co

Elephants African Ways

African elephants are the largest mammals on terrestrial habitat, it is easy to identify one even from a distance, their huge ears have the shape of Africa, talk about being patriotic. African Elephants represent the Africa community or rather what would have been identified as the African ways before the world became a global village or city and this is purely subjective. They inhabit both the Savannah and Forest habitats the only difference being the Size- the Savannah elephants tend to be bigger than the forest elephants and there is no proof that each cannot survive on either habitat but classifications remains that but they are both highly adaptive especially at the phase of harsh clima

Long necks, Short on Luck

Giraffes are among the most graceful of all animals, maybe it has something to do with having to stand for most of your life or being outstanding by being the tallest among all animals. Giraffes are one of my favorite animals they have so many characteristics that I find rather unique or just weird. Have you ever noticed that giraffes walk differently instead of a right leg – left leg lift they move both limbs of each side simultaneously? More like you are two legged I hope that's not too difficult to imagine if so please try and watch a giraffe walk. When running Giraffes take off in what looks like an effortless activity until you see the wide berth they create when outrunning ambitious pr

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