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WIldlife photography internship

A photography internship with Nomad Tanzania is an opportunity to gain basic and general skills related to the art of wildlife and camp photography. The trainee/ intern will join Nomad in order to develop skills and gain a learning-in-practice experience for one week in a Nomad camp. The trainee will be developing the knowledge and skills by learning on the job and under the supervisions of mentor Hans Ngoteya and Eliya Lawrence from Tanzania Wildlife Media Association - TaWiMA. 


Why does Nomad do this? 


Business as a force for good through every arm of the company. Nomad believes in providing unique and exciting opportunities and training for local Tanzanians in any area of the business that they can. 


What is Nomad doing? 


Running a comprehensive internship program that gets aspiring photographers into our wild corners of Tanzania to gain experience and gathers content. The aim is that the program is mutually beneficial, with the interns learning from a mentor (Hans and Vanessa) and building their portfolio, but at the same time providing Nomad with rich and current content for Nomad marketing efforts. 


How is Nomad doing it? 


By creating a program that runs as a competition, with the prize being time spent with professional videographers and photographers throughout the safari season in order to learn from one of the best in the business. Nomad will send interns into their camps for as much time as space in camps allows (from 1 – 2 weeks is expected), to shadow Hans & Vanessa initially, and then to run on their own steam to gather content. 


Why does Nomad think it’s important? 


Keen young wildlife photographers in Tanzania are short of opportunities of this kind. By investing in the people who will tell Tanzania’s story in years to come, and who will portray the beauty of its wildlife and natural heritage, Nomad invest not only in people but also in work being done in the conservation of Tanzania’s wilderness. 


What outcomes does Nomad hope to get from it? 


They hope to further the careers of as many aspiring Tanzanian wildlife photographers as they can.




Application is now open 

Apply to be an intern
ON Tawima website


1. Photo and video editing – Photoshop and     basic video work.

2. Wildlife conservation background.

3. Photography background.

4. Tanzanian.

5. Follow the Tanzania Wildlife Media Association - TaWiMA  on instagram and facebook @tawima_tz

Thanks for submitting!

Ngorongoro-Serengeti Internship

Ngorongoro-Serengeti Internship

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