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Hans is a founding member of the Landscape and Conservation Mentors Organization- LCMO, an organization that focuses on promoting, supporting, and improving community livelihoods, sustainable environmental practices, wildlife conservation, and development in rural areas surrounding protected areas. Under the organization, he manages and develops the VIMA project. A project designed to provide conservation education and alternative livelihood project to youth aged 12- 35 years.

reseach associate university of California at Davis- UC Davis

From 2014 to date Hans has been a research associate in the UC DAVIS university working with Professor Monique Borgerhoff Mulder department of Anthropology and Professor Timothy Caro Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology as advisors and managing their conservation projects and research in Tanzania.

24th, July 2017 Hans was selected to be among 12 National Geographic young explorers all around the world to be part of their first class for their new program called Explorer leadership and development program. The opportunity was targeted to early career scientists, conservationists, educators and storytellers and will be offered multiple engagement opportunities, including mentorship, media training, project development support, leadership training, and a deeper relationship with National Geographic.

In January 2017 Hans received a grant from The Rufford foundation for his program (Raising environmental awareness in a bio-diverse highly impacted ecosystem) that is managed under the VIMA project.

In May 2015, Hans was awarded a National Geographic Young Explorer grant for his Youth conservation education project specific for 'Day in the Park' youth program, that is also managed under VIMA project. 

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In September 20th to December 20th, 2016 Hans was at Oxford University as a Biodiversity fellow at the Interdisciplinary center for Conservation Science - ICCS. The purpose of the fellowship was to develop an evaluation procedure for baseline information and monitoring system for VIMA project. 

January 9th to 14th Hans attended Pathways Africa training that was held in Nanyuki Kenya hosted by Colorado State University and Cheetah Conservation Fund, the purpose of the training was to equip early career conservationists with necessary skills on Human Dimensions of Natural resources.  

20th - 22nd, April 2017: Hans attended a Conservation Optimism summit in London UK, and presented a session about Conservation news clips, A session to encourage conservationist to create short video clips of their studies instead of relaying on publication articles to share their result and findings.

Hans participated in an IUCN workshop on sharing study findings and developing a project road map and strengthening capacity for climate change resilience that was held on 24-25/01/2017, Sumbawanga - Tanzania. IUCN is implementing the “Integrated Planning to Implement the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Strategic Plan and Increase Ecosystem Resilience to Climate Change” project in Tanzania and Zambia. 

18th to  28th January 2014 Hans was among 25 delegates representing Tanzania on an International Conservation Biology Forum with their Saudi Arabia counterparts, to learn about and review the structural framework of various agencies/organizations or societies and their roles, in addition to the implementation systems of regulatory framework for biodiversity conservation in the two countries. The objective of the forum was to develop initiatives to ensure a more effective conservation practices locally and globally.

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